Rohypnol (or Flunitrazepam) was discovered by Leo Sternbach. Helluva thing to discover, even though it was intended to treat insomnia.

Rohypnol is better known as roofies - the "date rape drug" - and it's popular among douchebags, losers, and rapists.

It's a scary part of the nightlife and is most often used on women. Most often.

I'm pretty sure that I'm among the small percentage of men to get roofied.

I was out Saturday night with a friend. We went to a street dance in Brainerd to watch our friends' band. Met up with some other friends, then went to sing karaoke after the show.

That's where my memory gets fuzzy. Not long after getting there, it went black.


I remember brief bits of the night, mainly a cab ride home and someone asking me if I was okay. I somehow got home, maneuvered through a few locks, ate some cheese, took out my contacts, and made it bed. Normally, after a night of drinking, I'm up at about 9am because my body tries to torture me. I didn't wake up until 1pm Sunday.

At first I didn't think much of it. Just another dumb Saturday night in the bachelorhood. At least I got home and didn't try to drive.

Then it occurred to me that I only had a few beers. There's no way I could've gotten blackout drunk on a few beers.

So I looked up symptoms of being drugged...lo and behold, my inexplicable hangover was explained. I feel fortunate that 1) I'm a man and 2) I was around several friends.

Here are the symptoms of being roofied. I hope you never have to experience it.

1) You're Overly Drunk
I know my limit. Being a big feller as well as a musician for 20+ years has given me a decent alcohol tolerance. Roofies will enhance your drunken feeling.

2) Overwhelming Sleepiness
I love naps and I love sleeping, but I do NOT zonk out for 12 hours unless I've been up for a few days straight.

3) Trouble Talking or Standing
I have enough trouble talking stone-cold sober, so this one's a bust for me.

4) Nausea
At first I thought I was just hungover. But again, I don't get that drunk on a few beers.

Please excuse the 90s-ness of this video. I wonder if anyone saw my drink get drugged.

Again, I'm fortunate that I'm a man. Roofies aren't always used for rape; they're used to rob people as well. My wallet wasn't missing anything. I got lucky. Protect yourself when you're out and about!

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