It's not WHO you know, it's WHERE you live!


Single folk judge dates more on where they live than basically anything else.

As if financial struggles couldn't possibly be a bigger deterrent, it turns out that the geography of your home will leave you singler than a DJ. Here are the details:

- if you live with your parents (no matter the reason), 84% of women and 63% of men (who's the judgy gender?) will drop you NOW
- is their home gooder than yours? Nearly HALF of women and a THIRD of men will stay away from you and yours
- do you have a roommate? 1/5 of women and over 1/3 of men will leave you and your roommate alone
On top of your geography, what's in your house can also turn love away. Do you display guns or empty booze bottles? Both women and men generally get turned off by that. Women apparently also get immediately get turned off by any Disney stuff on display.

Think that's weird? Guys will run away from you if you have a hamster or gerbil.

Who the heck did they ask these questions?

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