My Easter Weekend In 6 Pictures
I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family. I spent a lot of time enjoying the gorgeous weather with my husband and my son Charlie. We started our weekend by playing at the park all day long, shopping for Easter treats and making dishes to share.
3 Minnesota Drive-Ins Now Open For The Season
I love outdoor movie season in Minnesota. It's the cherry on top of a Minnesota summer. If you've never been to an outdoor movie theater before, you need to put it right on the top of your summer bucket list. Good news for you, some Minnesota Drive-Ins are open for the season.
The 10 Smallest Towns in Minnesota
Minnesota may be the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but we've also got our share of small towns -- around 800 if you're counting. From the Dakotas to Wisconsin, and from Canada to Iowa; here are the ten smallest incorporated towns in Minnesota we could find...

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