Some men just can't win, and this study is branding me a LOSER.


The British Journal of Psychology (the ultimate bathroom reading material when your phone battery dies) published A New Study that reveals women are just as shallow as men when it comes to looks.

Not that it's surprising. Humans are traditionally a garbage species.

The study asked women to rate the attractiveness of men based on their looks and on their smarts. The result?

You can't be too good-looking, but you can be too smart.


'Fairer' sex. Pshhht.

It might be the stigma that being too smart can lead to social awkwardness. Now, I've met plenty of idiots who were social doormats. I've also met plenty of fellers who were good-looking and really smart, while still being able to hold a conversation with an idiot such as myself.

So what's the takeaway from this study? Be overly handsome, but not too smart. I've got one of those down pat, but the other will take a lot of *work.

H/T: The Sun

*- surgery

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