My beard is sexy because science says so!


Okay, here's the gist: according to a survey, women find men with facial hair of some sort sexier than the clean-shaven variety. We'll just call them Pete.

The Journal of Evolutionary Biology - sounds serious! - asked a LOT of women (8,500) their thoughts on men's facial hair. They went as far as ranking their favorite face-forest styles.

Out of four choices given, women liked "clean shaven" the least.

Got some "light stubble"? You're women's second-least-favorite face. But you're not last!

Are you the proud grower of a full-on lumberjack-like beard? You're second-best among the ladies! Which still puts you head-and-shoulders-and-beards above the clean-shaven types.

Women's favorite style of facial hair? "Heavy stubble." Let your face sprout twigs of awesome for about two weeks and you're set.

H/T: Yahoo

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