Can we stop with the cutesy dating terminology and call it what it is?
Being a &@$*%#!!!

Translated to picture form (Getty Images)

The latest take on being the scourge of the dating scene is called Curving.


'Curving' - like Ghosting, Gaslighting, Orbiting, Cushioning, Breadcrumbing, etc. - is the latest way to psychologically damage someone you don't want anyway.

It's a more polite (not really) version of 'Ghosting', where you just completely disappear from someone's life without explanation. 'Curvers' will text you back, but not text you first. They'll reply a day later with "Oops, just saw this lol".

I haven't been a bachelor for long, but I've already been Ghosted, Breadcrumbed, Gaslit...and very very recently Curved. Annoying AF? Yes. Discouraging? A bit.

But not everyone's a jerk, and I can't allow myself to become one. Stooping rhymes with pooping, and somehow that keeps me going. I'm a modern-day Shakespeare, ain't I?

"How abouteth NO!" (Getty Images)