As if the dating scene couldn't be stupider. It's getting hard to keep up with all of these dating trends. It's even harder to understand some of them. I've been ghosted and zombied, and WTF is kittenfishing?!

Feline Fishing am I the fish or am I the kitten?!?! (Getty Images)

The latest swerve in the dating road is...'slow dating'. Do you know what 'slow dating' is?

It's regular dating. Dating without the ghosting, breadcrumbing, zombieing, kittenfishing, and WTFing else is a cute euphemism for 'being an a**hole'. It's


'Slow dating' has supposedly been 'invented' by young people who are tired of dating apps and online dating. Granted, this story comes from the Wall Street Journal, so they probably just want these kids off of their lawn.

Hirsute Visage
*stares ornery old man-ingly* (Getty Images)

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