In dating terms, "outkicking your coverage" means dating someone WAAAAAAY hotter/smarter/everythinger than you. You see it in most sitcoms that feature the dumb fat guy married to the hot save-the-day-every-day woman (King of Queens, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bob Newhart Show, The Sopranos, etc.), and quite frankly, you see it in everyday life, too. How do these guys score 10s?


They try.

I think I outkicked my coverage with most every ex of mine, with only a few why-did-I-do-that?! exceptions. In my defense, I'm a musician, and musicians tend to attract people hotter than they are. Maybe women always thought of me as an entertainment monkey? Whatever. Don't care.

They key to dating someone out of your league is to try. And also: nobody is out of your league. If you see someone that you're attracted to - whether online or in-person - tell them. The worst that could happen (hopefully) is they say no. If they do, move on.

Fifty nos are worth it when that yes leads to love, Dr Ned says!

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