Last week we celebrated our love on Valentine's Day. This week we're looking up the odds of breaking up. There's a new four question survey that claims it can predict the probability of your relationship ending.

The quiz wants to know how; long you've been with your significant other, whether you're married, if your relationship is happy and how much money you make per year.

Based on your answers to the four questions, the quiz generates your odds of breaking up. The four questions were selected from studies Michael Rosenfeld, a Standford University sociologist, said were predictive of whether couples stayed together.


I took the quiz and got these results...

There's a 2% chance my relationship ends within one year. There's a 5% chance within the next two years and there's an 11% chance my marriage ends within five years. I'm liking those odds, they seem low.

Now, this isn't a perfect science and I'd never suggest staying in a bad relationship just because your relationship calculator says it's a good one. But, it is kind of fun to see what numbers the calculator will spit out at you. Maybe try calculating it for your friends instead.

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