A few months ago I bought an Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Pass so that I could eat for free (save for the 20% tip) for a while. It was a good deal, and there wasn't anything deceptive about it.

And then there's dating.

My bachelor adventures this year have been up-and-down, hit-and-miss, and other hyphenated clichés, I'm sure. An old dating trend that never went away now has a tidy term for it.



Have you ever went on a date purely for the free meal? If the answer is yes...SNEATER!!!

"Sneating" is sneakily pretending to be interested in someone just for the free meal.

When I first read the definition, I realized that I've been sneated a few times. A little infuriating? A bit. Maybe she was just really broke and needed a decent meal, and felt that giving an hour of her time to me was worth the free meal.

So was it?

First: get your mind out of the gutter. Second: it still got me out of the house for a bit. And I got a free meal out of it, too (we went to Olive Garden).

I don't find 'sneating' as infuriating as 'ghosting' or 'orbiting'. A little deceptive, but I suppose a good conversation can be worth paying for a meal. At least each of our meals are free to ourselves?

H/T: Whimn

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