'Tis the season...to make 'em or break (up with) 'em!

We're approaching the holiday season, and if you're on the fence about keeping a love interest around or hitting the reset button, it's decision time now. Well...if you have the perfect couples Halloween costume, maybe wait until November 1st.

Sydney Celebrates Halloween
But if it's a bad couples costume, just cut your losses... (Getty Images)

According to experts (therapists, not serial dumpers), if you're going to break someone's heart, you owe them an explanation that shouldn't shock the dumpee. It should be for a reason that you two have previously discussed and tried to work through, but to no avail.

DO NOT UNLOAD ON THEM. Just because you're breaking up with them doesn't give you the right to tear them down (even if you feel that YOU have the right to do so). Stick with the big reason.

DO NOT DUMP THEM WITH A TEXT. Just break up with them face-to-face, and in their home. If you cohabit...I've got nothing for you.

BE SURE. Dumping someone and then crawling back to them is...wrong. Just wrong.

LET THEM DECIDE WHETHER TO 'BE FRIENDS'. If they want to completely cut you out of their life, let them. You are breaking their heart, after all.

H/T: Time

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