Yesterday I told you about the 68 year old grandmother of eight who was bullied on the school bus where she works by a group of middle school kids. Anderson Cooper 360 spoke to her last night and in the interview she says she does not believe the bullies are sincere with their apology.

Anderson Cooper's team were able to get written apologies from two of the tormenters on the bus. Cooper read them to Karen on the air and she said she knows one of them a little too well. Karen says he's been a trouble maker and probably isn't sincere about the apology.

The police have looked into the matter and charges will not be pressed against the teens because Klein says she didn't feel threatened by them. The school on the other hand is looking at the appropriate discipline for these kids. Karen does say that she doesn't believe these kids are all bad - they might have some good left in them deep down.

A group started online to raise funds for a vacation for Karen has already raised over $500,000 for her to take a dream vacation and now Southwest Airlines has stepped up to send Karen and her entire family to Disneyland.

I sure hope Karen enjoys her vacation and is able to spend some quality time with her family. And I hope the school boots these little twirps off the bus.

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