Who knew one of the highlights of last school year for Oak Hill Elementary Students would come from an old forgotten couch?

The school bus driver, Mr. Couch as the kids called him, made the ride home from class much more entertaining in the 2018-2019 school year. Spainer Bus Service shared the story:

It all started when there was a scheduled four minute delay in the bus route. The bus driver, I’ll call Ken, pulled the bus over in the same spot each day to wait. One day, “Mr. Couch” (aka bus driver Ken) started talking funny to his kids telling them stories of how he (Mr. Couch) happened to end up in the woods by the side of the road….


The bus driver took on the personality of that old abandoned couch to entertain the kids. Those fun stories got the kid's imaginations going, and became a daily ritual for the remainder of the school year! On the last day of school the bus riders even waved goodbye to the couch.

Hopefully this year will be just as imaginative and fun for all the students heading back to the classroom!

PS: Spainer Bus Service is hiring! If you're looking to work with kids in a fun environment, this would be a great gig! Give them a call at 320-251-3313 for further details.


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