One of the silver linings to navigating COVID was how familiar we all became with delivery services. At one point the only way to get food from some of our favorite places was to order it out, and services like DoorDash and Food Dudes make it so much easier.

Even now when everything is back to business as usual, my husband and I find ourselves ordering in instead of going out, especially if we have had long weeks at work and would much rather dine on our couch.

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St. Cloud area DoorDash driver Anthony Goudreau shared some helpful tips on the St. Cloud, MN Area Community Page on Facebook to help make your delivery experience more pleasant overall:

"Hello and happy new years to everyone! ... I am a DoorDasher, and I would like to pass along some words of wisdom.

1. When you order please understand I do not make the food, I depend on the crews at the restaurants. This means when you call or text a million times, I am still waiting.

2. Please please please have your light on outside your home, when it is dark it's hard to see addresses.

3. Tipping is not by any means mandatory, if your tip is bigger or smaller the food will come as soon as we get it.

4. If you are in an apartment building could you just meet us at the lobby of your building instead of trying to play "find the apartment."

5. Lastly there are more tips, but please understand that if you choose not to get your food in a blizzard, that we are the ones on the road trying to get food to your family.

As just one dasher, I appreciate everyone that I deliver for. Thank you for your support
- Tony"

All good reminders for us ordering delivery from services like DoorDash. They are people doing their job to the best of their abilities as a service to us. The least we can do is help them out in ways like meeting them in lobbies of buildings or leaving lights on so house numbers are visible. Thank you delivery drivers for all you do!

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