Bullying is a big problem for our kids, and thankfully schools are starting to recognize the issue. So are a growing group of bikers, who are putting a stop to bullying a ride at a time.

If you were ever bullied in as a kid, you know what kind of hell you lived in every day. You were in fear from the moment you step outside, to the moment you get back safely in your home. Bullies can be evil and heartless when they set their sights on a kid they have physical power over, and the emotional results can end up devastating for the one being bullied.


Syd's Angels started as a result of a 2016 report of a 15 year old Saint Francis, MN high school girl named Sydney. She was lured into the woods and beaten up by a group of girls who she thought were her friends. One of the girls posted a video of the beating on social media, causing outrage all around Minnesota. A few bikers had seen enough of the bullying problem and started Syd's Angels to bring awareness to bullying in hopes of ending the issue, both in Minnesota, and around the nation.

They started out as just a few bikers, and in less than a year have grown their group to hundreds of bikers, and over 2000 Facebook group members, who all share the same belief to stop bullying.

Recently Syd's Angels rode to a community in Isanti, MN to give support to a 13 year old boy, named Zane, who had suffered from severe bullying, and felt not enough was being done by his school to stop the violence. In a recent Facebook group post, they wrote:

Listen people, WE are the voice, WE are the people, WE have to rise up and take a stand. These are our children, these are our schools, these are our future citizens. Please join us at the Isanti MN VFW on Railroad Avenue this Saturday 5/13 at 10:00 A.M. and let's show our support to this family as we pay a visit to 13 year old Zane, and guess what? The main kid who's been bullying him lives 3 houses down. Let's make a public statement. Help us stomp out bullying and show these kids what kind of men and women we really are and should be. We will stage motorcycles and cars at 10:30 and we will arrive at Zane's home around 11:00. From there we will go to Sydney Detenancour house to pick her up and then back to the VFW.

They are planning their annual ride on on August 12 at the Isanti VFW. If you'd like to help stand up for bullying and wish be part of this amazing group of citizens being the voice for bullying, visit their website at www.sydsangels.com or join their Facebook group.

As a motorcycle riding citizen of Minnesota, I commend every one of the members of Syd's Angels and fully support their cause. As a parent of a 15 year old boy, I worry about him and his friends being bullied, or making it clear that being a bully isn't acceptable. It's important for parents to talk to their kids, and make sure they talk to you if they're feeling any sort of bullying. Thankfully our schools are starting to pay extreme attention to this, it's about time...

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