Over a quarter of Minnesotans call themselves golfers, and now Giants Ridge in Biwabik is giving us a fun new way to hit the course. They have introduced Finn Cycles to their golfing lineup allowing players to play the course in a whole new way.

Minnesota’s leading golf resort set in the rugged beauty of the Mesabi Iron Range – now features the exciting Finn Cycle, a two-wheeled, electric cycle designed to offer a comfortable and invigorating ride throughout a round of golf.

Giants Ridge is one of the first courses in the state to offer this new ride. The Finn Cycle travels about the same speed as a normal golf cart, (roughly 15 mph) and has the potential to really speed up the pace of play. Every player rides one bike, which encourages "ready golf" where each player goes directly to his or her ball.


Finn Cycles are highly stable with the players bag riding in the middle of the bike, and the electric motor is powered by lithium battery and can go 36 holes on a single charge!

The cost to rent a Finn Cycle for your round is $21, and rental kiosks are available at both of Giants Ridge’s golf shops (The Quarry and The Legend).

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