Minnesota spring is here and the motorcycles are starting to come out in full force. This video is a reminder of why riding gear is pretty important.

I didn't include the full version of the video above, because it's very explicit in language. Along with that, I am a dog lover and it's hard to see the video showing the dog that caused this accident. If you want to see it, then click here.

As a biker myself, I know what can happen at any point in time on a motorcycle. A semi tire could blow and land right in front of you. An animal could run onto the road (like it this case, a dog). A driver could lose control of their vehicle and hit you. None of these things were your fault - but you're the one that's going to suffer, or die.

Road rash is a horrific pain to go through and even your jeans will last 2 seconds before shredding on pavement. A helmet can be the difference between surviving, and grinding your head down to nothing in a crash. Wear a DOT helmet and jacket with the armor padding in it minimum. Want to scare somebody who doesn't wear gear? Send them to this website. It explains how fast the road can eat your body!

Ride safe this year and lets ride together for years to come.

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