When cruising on my motorcycle, I'll take a back road over the interstate any day, even if it take twice as long to get where I'm going. I cringe when I see a bike on the interstate.

It seems that we're hearing about bikers dying more every day than ever before. Most of the time it's not the fault of the biker when an accident happens, yet it's almost always fatal.

The latest incident was in New Prague last night, according to KSTP, where a motorcyclist was airlifted to a hospital after crashing into a load that fell out of the back of a pickup truck. There's a ton more I could reference, but you get the picture...it's nearly impossible to avoid these freakish occurrences on the freeways.

The fact is that interstates are downright dangerous these days, mainly due to the speed limit, which is 65-70 MPH across most of the country. Cars and trucks generally drive at least 10 MPH over the speed limit and that's just not safe on a motorcycle at those speeds if you crash.

How many times have you come across debris in the road on the interstate? Shredded semi tires, roadkill, or whatever. If a car swerves quickly to avoid debris in the road with you behind them, you might be in trouble.

With the hot weekend coming, the motorcycles are going to be out all over the place. If you are planning to ride, please gear up and make sure you wear a helmet. If you're in a car, you need to look out for motorcycles on the road.

Have a safe ride this weekend, the roads are going to be busy.

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