The beautiful city of Sartell, Minnesota in 3 minutes. See how many places you can point out as I hit the streets of Sartell on the motorcycle!

Sartell is a fairly good size city with a ton of open land for development. Located along the Mississippi River, there's a ton of history located here.


In 2016, the population was just over 17,000 residents, making it the 2nd largest city in central Minnesota next to St. Cloud. (Wikipedia) There's many new planned housing and business developments with all this land that's prime for building.

The public schools are the highest rated in central Minnesota, and makes Sartell a big attraction for families with children.

Their big yearly celebration, Summerfest, begins June 9th and continues for the weekend. It includes a kids 1k fun run, parade, street dance, and fireworks. For more information go to

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