After my story yesterday about a local 10 year old boy from Sartell, one of many children in our area, experience terrible bullying in our local schools, the floodgates have opened. I have heard from one parent after another telling my their horrifying stories of their children being bullied in school.


The word "bully" is not the right word. The word should be Assaulted. Assaulted by other children. I've heard from multiple parents, reaching out in anger and pain; Their children being hit, punched, pushed, talked down to; told to kill themselves...and yes! Those actions are happening in OUR schools right here in central Minnesota. Im ashamed of our kids. Popular kids. Kids with the power to change lives for those being assaulted; but instead empower themselves by hurting others.

I'm tired of it. I don't know about you, but I can't stand to see one more child's life be affected by school assaults that have gone on way too long.


Some parents have been shocked to find out that their child has been a bully. Has this happened to you? How did you get your child to stop?  These stories are important for us to all move forward.


Do you have a similar story? Would you care to share it with me? I would like to hear from more families about their experiences, and what they are doing about it, and if YOUR school is working with families to truly put an end to bullying; not just brushing it under the rug.

If you or someone you love is being affected by bullying in our schools, will you please send me your story? Send to kelly@wjon or kelly@minnesotasnewcountry.com. If you are a teacher, principal, or work in our schools and have suggestions that can change this pattern; or if you want to let us know what your school is doing to effectively stop bullying, please let me know.

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