Brian Milson makes his musical debut with a song that tackles a tough subject for everyone, especially school age kids.

The song is called Nothing Grows in Shadows and it makes a big statement about bullying.  According to Brian's bio, he was bullied as a kid and many incidents go without any sort of intervention.

Though you don't hear the full song, the message comes through loud and clear in his delivery.  It's pure emotion and without knowing his story, you can tell he relates to the lyrics.

This is the first time I've heard of Brian but I truly believe he will enjoy a successful career in the country music industry.  He's got a solid singing voice and clearly he's not afraid to get a positive message out to folks on how to deal with the bad things that plague our society.

Check out the interview Brian did and hear a clip of his debut single.  Oh, and he gives a big shout out to 98 Country listeners!

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