October is National Anti-bullying Month and just last night Jennifer Livingston from WKBT Television in LaCrosse, Wisconsin was the victim of a cyber bully and she stood up on camera in an inspiring piece on this morning's news cast.

I have mentioned it a few times, I was bullied as a kid and it has affected me throughout my life. This anchor was singled out, ridiculed through email by a viewer and left with her jaw hanging open in disbelief that someone would stoop to that level.

What she did is so inspiring to me that I had to share it with you immediately. Jennifer did a four minute story on this email, the response from her co-workers and her own words to tell this jackass that he has no right to talk to someone like that.

I think Jennifer is a beautiful, intelligent and loving woman and this person had no right to say anything about her. For her to be able to put words together to tell this person exactly how she felt is just incredible. Most of us would have crumpled and tried to ignore it. For that Jennifer, I applaud you!

I hope you watch this and understand how a few words can have a lasting effect on someone. They say "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you." I'm sorry, but that is so far from true. Words do hurt. Your bones take six weeks to heal, the spirit you crushed with just a few words takes a lifetime to heal.

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