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For those of you who have been in contests before, this is quite similar to things you've done in the past I'm guessing; except on a much larger scale.

This year, because of the pandemic, The Voice is holding "Virtual" auditions...meaning...it's much more comfortable for you and I, that we don't have to drive to Minneapolis  St. Paul and wait in line for 5 hours without food or drink to just get one minute and 30 seconds of time to show our abilities.

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I really liked the way this worked. This is the process of auditioning in 2020.

You sign up for a virtual audition. I've tried earlier in the year, but couldn't get one. They fill up fast. They WILL send you notifications of the next rounds of virtual auditions if you want them to; and so I opted in for the alerts, and finally landed an audition spot for Thursday at 3:30 pm.

The Voice Casting Crew offer suggestions and tell you what to expect; but you never really know what they mean.

If you get your audition time, make sure that you have practiced your song, and that your microphone and camera are working before your audition begins. Make sure your room is well lit, and you dress for success. Practice what you will say at the beginning and at the end, and then... sing. You should record this on your phone to see how long it will take you, what you look like, and what you sound like so you don't have to worry about making any improvements once your audition begins.

When it's your turn, a camera will appear. You are to push the record button when you are ready to introduce yourself and perform. Once you are done, hit stop. If you went over the 1:30 allotted, you will receive a message that your video is too long and you'll have to redo it. This happened to me the first time, but I did get the performance on my second round.

They let you review your performance before you submit it to the Judge for their decision. My suggestion; if you didn't like your performance, record it until you're happy with it. That way; whether or not you make the show won't matter as long as you gave your absolute best effort.

Good luck! Chase your dreams. This was pretty painless compared to most audition processes, and you can only get better and better! Good luck to you.

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