We found out a couple months ago that the Minnesota cold could help us burn a couple extra calories, but how many do we burn doing random winter activities and chores? I put together a list of things Minnesotans do every winter and how many calories (on average) that you will burn doing them.

Shoveling Snow - 51 calories for 15 minutes of moderate work  or 340 calories per hour.

Clearing Your Driveway with a Snowblower (walking) - 60 calories for 15 minutes or 238 calories per one hour.

Sledding- 408 calories for one hour.


Putting Winter Gear on Your Children (coats, hats, gloves, boots, ect.) - 34 calories in 15 minutes.

Casual Ice Skating - 408 calories burnt in one hour!

Downhill Skiing - 272 calories burnt in an hour.

Snowmobiling - 170 calories an hour - unless you get stuck! Then you burn a few more trying to get yourself out!

Setting Up the Ice House (Includes Drilling Holes) - 340 calories burnt in one hour. Plus you can catch yourself a delicious meal!

If you haven't been making it to the gym like you originally planned on at the beginning of January, you don't need to feel so bad about it! Just surviving a Minnesota winter is a workout!

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