Over the weekend I ran into a video that shows an old Northwest Airlines Boeing plane. I remember flying Northwest Airlines for vacations as a kid and seeing that bright red tailfin again got me remembering family vacations from years past. But could this be one of the last Northwest Airlines planes left? I'd say the chances are good outside of a museum or private collector.

The video by JW Aviation on YouTube was uploaded two months ago and shows what is supposed to be the last Northwest Airlines Boeing 747. Along with the video, there are some fun facts about the plane and Northwest Airlines.

One fact that jumped out at me was that this plane was just the 45th Boeing 747 EVER produced when it rolled off the factory floor in 1970. The aircraft was operated for 32 years and was retired in 2002.

The plane is sitting at the airport where it arrived on its last flight, and it has been sitting there ever since.

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Kind of a sad ending for a plane that saw millions of miles of use, and knowing that it's the last Northwest Airlines 747 makes it that much more bittersweet to see it slowly fall apart.

In case you forgot what happened to Northwest Airlines, in 2010 Delta and Northwest Airlines merged, making Delta the largest airline in the world until the American Airlines–US Airways merger in 2013.

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