Being a single mom and raising four kids is hard enough, but what if you are told you have an aneurysm and are unsure about the future you have with your kids. We help that mom out today.

Dear Opie's Angels,

I am nominating my friend Kerri for some assistance this year. Kerri is a loving, hard working, single mother who recently got some terrifying medical news. She has an aneurysm and is unsure about her future. Kerri lives on a small salary she earns student teaching and most of her money goes to pay her rent.

Kerri has four children and has mentioned she doesn't know how she will get through the holiday season much less buy gifts for her kids. She is ALWAYS doing things for her kids and others and is always positive and happy. I would like something nice to happen to her and the kids. Please consider Kerri and her children to help this Christmas. It would be the biggest blessing for someone who is so deserving.

Thank you for your consideration and Merry Christmas!

Dear Sandy,

Thank you for nominating such a wonderful lady to receive help this year. We know it is tough to be a single mom and raise one child, let alone four. That's a hard enough battle as it is. Add news of an illness and it causes stress that we can't begin to imagine. We are happy to give a helping hand this year to Kerri.

We are going to make sure the kids have a great meal on Christmas with $150 in groceries. We're also going to get some gifts under the tree with $250 for toys, clothes and anything else Kerri feels they need.

Kerri, good luck with your diagnosis and treatment for the aneurysm and Merry Christmas to you and the kids!

Opie's Angels

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