As we continue to grant wishes with the Opie's Angels Program, we find that sometimes it is being able to keep a family tradition alive that makes all the difference.We received a letter from Dana asking for some help for her mom.

Dear Opie's Angels,

My mom has been struggling to pay bills ever since my dad died last year. She's had to try to keep up on the house payments and all the bills. Mom has always loved Christmas and always wants to make it special for the grand kids. Every year she would take them to a water park to have a fun day. I'm afraid this year, that probably won't happen. I would love for you to help make something special happen for her this year.

Thank you,

Dear Dana,

Sometimes the best things in life are family traditions. Whether it be gathering for a big feast, opening all the gifts on Christmas morning or gathering all the children for a day at the water park - those traditions are special and we don't want to see it end this year.

While we aren't able to help with the loss of your dad, we can certainly make sure your mom is able to spend some time with her grand children doing something that she truly enjoys. We are going to give her water park passes for everyone and $50 in gas to get there. Plus, we are going to throw in a pizza party for everyone after their big day!

Thank you for nominating your mom Dana and we hope the kids enjoy their time with Grandma!

Merry Christmas!
Opie's Angels

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