There's nothing harder than losing someone you love during the holiday season, but for two teenagers to lose their mom just before Christmas is especially hard.We received a letter from Krista who nominated her friend Dennis and his children to help them get through their recent loss.

Dear Opie's Angels,

I would like to nominate my friend Dennis and his children. They have been through a lot this year. He and his family found out his wife had a very rare cancer that Mayo clinic has only treated four times in its history. Basically his wife had a twin that didn't separate at birth. This developed into a cancer that spread after they tried to remove it.

She lost her battle to cancer about a week ago. It is devastating enough to lose a wife and mother, but it happened during the holidays and a time of financial hardship. I ask for prayers more than anything as this family tries to cope with her loss, comfort that the memories they share are happy, but I also ask you guys to help do something for this family.

Thank you,

Dear Krista,

You are right, it is hard to deal with the loss of anyone - especially during the holidays, but to lose your mom at such an early age is truly devastating. While we can't ease the pain of a loss like this, we can only hope to aide in the healing.

We would like to give the kids a little something to help bring a smile to their face during this difficult time. And we would like to send the family out for a nice dinner so they may reflect and remember their mom/wife and hopefully begin the healing process.

Thank you for nominating this family Krista and Dennis, we hope this will help you and your children begin the healing process.

Merry Christmas,
Opie's Angels

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