We have a week left of wish granting and we kick things off by helping a working dad get his truck fixed so he can continue to support his family.Dear Opie's Angels,

I would like to nominate Sam and Heather for your program. Sam installs floors for a living and work has been slow. Heather is taking classes online for business management. They are a young couple just trying to make it. The engine in Sam's work van blew up about two months ago and he has been using his pickup since. Last week it broke down and they don't have the $200 to fix it. They have been struggling for a while to provide for their 5 year old daughter, who has cerebral palsy, and their other two children. If you could help them fix the truck, that would take a bit of pressure off this holiday.

Thank you,

Dear Anita,

We love giving people a hand up so they can continue to provide for themselves. This is exactly the story we look for. This is a young, working couple who are just trying to do right by their kids and be happy. When one thing breaks, it seems that everything else comes crashing down around you. That's why we are happy to give Sam the $200 he needs to fix his truck. We know it's tough to have a kid with a disease and that's why we want to make sure the kids have some nice things under the tree. We're throwing in another $100 to help Sam and Heather out with buying some toys for the kids.

Thank you for nominating this deserving family Anita and Merry Christmas!
Opie's Angels

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