We get so many stories each year and we try to help as many as we can. We had to help this family have a little brighter Christmas this year.Dear Opie's Angels,

I would like to nominate a very special family to receive a brighter Christmas this holiday season. On June 21st, the dad was killed in a tragic hit and run accident. He left behind his loving wife, three year old daughter and countless family and friends. He was a dedicated father, husband, outdoors man, softball player and sports fan. He had a quick wit, wonderful sense of humor and a smile that was contagious. I would appreciate any help you can give his family this year.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

Dear Shaun,

We would love to help out this family this year. Because of a security issue, we have left out the name of this family, but have learned that mom works full time and her daughter asks for daddy every day. We also learned that she is now pregnant with a new baby that was conceived right before the accident. We want to help bring a smile to their faces this year and help them get ready for the new baby.

We are giving mom $100 for baby clothes and supplies and $50 to get some special things for her daughter. We also learned the family was beginning a tradition of going to the water park in Brainerd each year and we want that tradition to continue. We are kicking in $200 so the family can go and enjoy some quality time together.

Shaun, thank you for nominating such a deserving family and Merry Christmas to you and this family.

Opie's Angels.

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