An unexpected injury can bring your world crashing down - especially when the recovery time gets extended. Today we help a family that has gotten behind because of an injury.Dear Opie's Angels,

Kim is my brother and has always lived a simple life. On September 4th, he was involved in an accident at his home place. He was using a tractor to load steel onto a trailer to get some extra money for groceries. At the time they only had $11 in the checking account.

He suffered a head injury and had to be flown down to North Memorial. As you can imagine, with all the mounting medical bills and the time missed from work, the bills are piling up and they are hurting pretty bad. The best news is that Kim is alive and is able to return to work. He works as a bus driver and delivers pizza. My dad and I have helped them financially but there is only so much we can spare as well.

If you could help them out in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Faye,

First off we want to thank you for having a kind heart and helping your brother and his family out in their time of need. An unexpected injury is something most people in this country are not prepared for and when it happens, it really puts the budget in a bind.

We would love to help your brother and his family out with $200 for groceries so they can have a wonderful meal on the table. We would also like to give them $200 to help out with the expenses - wherever they feel it would be used best.

Thank you again Faye for letting us know about your brother. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!

Opie's Angels

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