We receive hundreds of nominations each year for Opie's Angels, but the ones that touch us the most are directly from the kids.We try very hard to make sure the kids have something to open on Christmas morning or are given the heat they need to survive, or the food, etc. It truly breaks our heart when the parents are trying their hardest to keep the kids spirits high, but the kids see how much pain their mom or dad are in.

Here's a letter we received from a brother and sister whose mom is sick.

Dear Opie's Angels,

We would like to nominate our mom because she is trying so hard to be happy and brave. Last night after we got out the Christmas decorations, she started to cry. She said they were happy tears, but we know it's because she is sick and we have no money for food and presents. We don't know what God is going to do when she goes to heaven because our Mom is already an angel.

Mom has breast cancer and is tired a lot. But she always smiles and hugs us and cooks us delicious suppers, even when we don't have much food. Mom would never ask for help. She is always helping other people. At church she helps out with the kids and serves meals for people who don't have any. She says that a lot of people are having a hard time now, but Mom can't buy gas or groceries right now.

Please help our mom so she can smile and not be worried all the time. That would be the best Christmas present ever. We heard you on the radio and wanted to ask you to surprise our mom.

Thank you,
Maddie and Sam

Dear Maddie and Sam,

Thank you so much for nominating your mom. You are two very special kids with very big hearts. It seems that your mom has raised you well and that she loves you very much. We are so sorry to hear that your mom is struggling with bills and battling breast cancer at the same time. We can't begin to know what that must be like.

We would love to help you and your mom out this year. We're going to make sure you have a great meal on the table with $200 in groceries. We know your mom needs gas to get back and forth to the doctors and take care of you two, so we'll throw in $100 for gas. Now, you two need something under the tree this year, so we're giving your mom $150 so she can pick up some gifts for you. We also want your mom to buy something special just for her so we will give her another $50 just to buy something nice for herself.

Maddie and Sam, you are two very special kids and don't you ever lose the kindness that is in your hearts right now. Remember to be kind to your mom as she battles cancer. Don't give her grief and listen to what she tells you. Good luck to you all as this battle continues and don't ever give up hope.

Merry Christmas Maddie and Sam!
Opie's Angels

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