Meet James Okerstrom from Richmond, he’s our January ‘Veteran of the Month.’ Okerstrom was nominated by his wife Sheryll, who had this to say about him;

We went to high school together before he served for 7 years in the service.  I new all his siblings growing up, but never new him until a few years ago. He's raised my boys as if they were his. I helped him do the same with his daughter. He is a good man to take on a single mother with 3 children, now we both have grandchildren.

James joined the US Navy in 1970 and served until 1977. He's been all over the world during his time in the military, and talked about how beautiful the world is and how fortunate he was to have been able to see so many countries during his duty on an aircraft carrier.

We're proud to have James Okerstrom as our January Veteran of the Month. The ‘Veteran of the Month’ is brought to you by the Clearwater Travel Plaza – on 98-1 Minnesota’s New Country.

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