Meet Kevin Johnson from Saint Francis, he's our May 'Veteran of the Month.' Johnson was nominated by his son Jacob who had this to say about him;

I am nominating my dad because he is my hero. For everything he has gone through since he came home his deployment in 06. He's just been through so much and is doing a lot better than he was, but I feel like he deserves this more than ever."


Johnson joined the United States Army right out of high school and later served in the Air Force.He spent a total of 18 years serving his country. Johnson is a third generation veteran--his grandfather served in World War II and his father served in the Vietnam War.

Johnson volunteered to serve in Iraq in 2005. He drove supplies to troops in the area. During his service he was injured by a missile while on guard. "It landed in front of gave us the initial brain damage," said Johnson who was awarded a Purple Heart. "We lost one soldier from our unit and two from another," said Johnson. Purple Hearts are given to soldiers who are wounded in war by the hands of the enemy.

"I'd be lying if I didn't say you were a little scared every time you went out. But, you had to be very vigilant," said Johnson.

Johnson has made many life long friends over the years--men who have served by his side in the toughest of times. He said he still calls his friends up just to check-in on them every once-in-awhile. "You have to battle check," said Johnson. "We lose 22 soldiers a day to suicide. Check your buddy. I have a lot of friends I just call up."

Johnson's son Jacob is currently serving his country, representing their fourth generation. He says he's proud of his son for following in his footsteps even though he had some reservations about it at first. Johnson is currently retired and enjoying the company of his family and grandchildren.

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