The internet banned together this week to help out a veteran in Willernie, Minnesota.

TikTok user @PatrioticKenny is a veteran who has been spreading nothing but positivity and smiles on the video-sharing app since his first upload in August. The internet fell in love fast with Kenny and his best buddy Jerry who is deaf. Kenny can hear, but he has been diligently working on his communication and sign language skills so he can better communicate with this friend.

Kenny has shared many videos (many from his local coffee shop) of him learning ASL, and scooting around town on his 2003 scooter that is covered in American flags and red white, and blue stickers. He is known as the town's "smile maker".

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Unfortunately, Kenny's scooter broke down recently, the gear shift went out, and because the scooter is so old there are no parts available to fix it. That's where the internet came to the rescue.

Kenny has shared so many smiles with the people of his town, and over 2 million people on TikTok, and now it was the internet's time to return the favor.

A GoFundMe called "Patriotic Kenny Needs a Ride" was started online on September 15th with a goal of raising $5,000 for a new scooter for Kenny.

Kenny is a 79-year-old SPIRITED Navy veteran who has COPD. He uses his mobility scooter to get around to the coffee shop, to veterans park, to the church dinners, to the gas station, and more. His mobility scooter is his ticket out of isolation in his home, as he cannot walk long distances. Anyone who has the gift of being blessed with Kenny’s presence is better for it.

Over 1,700 donors came together to raise over $32,000 for Kenny's new scooter! Upon hearing this Kenny was moved to tears, which only made the internet fall in love with this wholesome man even more.

Check out Patriotic Kenny's TikTok videos below, and remember to make someone smile today.

@patriotickennyKenny explains what happened to his patriotic scooter. ##senior ##veteran ##fypシ ##fyp ##viral ##ford ##tesla ##scooter @didyouknowthatasl♬ Sad songs only for violin and piano - Zassh

@tiktok family came through with a $5,000 donation for Kenny’s scooter. Here’s his reaction. Grab your tissues. ##fyp ##fypシ ##viral ##veteran ##senior
♬ Loving Strangers - Russian Red

@patriotickennyA typical day for the town’s Smile Maker. Have you smiled today? 😊 ##senior ##asl ##veteran ##fyp ##seniorcare ##PerfectMarcJacobs @didyouknowthatasl♬ America - Simon & Garfunkel

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