Meet Ryan Klimek from St. Joseph, he’s our March ‘Veteran of the Month.’ Klimek was nominated by his friend Tim, who had this to say about him:

Ryan served over in Iraq. He is a hard working guy who will help you in anyway he can. He has a beautiful daughter who means the world to him.

Ryan joined the military in March of 2007, was deployed the following year to Iraq. He spent 6-years active duty, then continued for 2 more years non-active duty.


When in Iraq his unit traveled a total of 93,000 miles as part of his convoy security duties in the period of a year. When you drive that much and visit so many areas of Iraq, you see a lot of things. What Ryan remembers most is how much of an eye-opener the culture was.

Klimek enjoys life these days in St. Joseph, working a as sales route driver, and being married with a daughter.

We’re proud to have Ryan Klimek as our March Veteran of the Month. The ‘Veteran of the Month’ is brought to you by the Clearwater Travel Plaza – on 98-1 Minnesota’s New Country.

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