Meet Kaleb Stroud from Monticello, he’s our September ‘Veteran of the Month.’ Stroud was nominated by his wife Lindsay who had this to say about him;

Kaleb is an amazing person and was an amazing soldier. He served in Afghanistan in 2010 and I am so thankful to be married to such a hero, and hard working man."

Stroud is originally from Ohio. He joined the army a few years after high school when he turned 20 years old. He served for about five years including his time spent deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 for 13 months before he was medically discharged.

Stroud says he was blown up a total of four times when he was overseas. "We were at a small base," said Stroud. "It was just our platoon out there, and you couldn't drive in, you had to fly in. You'd have to get dropped off by a helicopter."

He went on to say his platoon was getting blown up about six out of seven days a week. Stroud messed up his shoulder pretty badly and had to have three surgeries. He says he was a little disappointed when doctors told him he was going to have to come back home. "I tried to stay in and switch up my job, but it didn't end up working out that way," said Stroud.

Stroud currently lives in Monticello with his wife Lindsay. The couple are high school sweet hearts who are expecting their first child this year.

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