Easter's on the way but the girl and I don't really like to dress in those white, frilly frocks that everyone else looks so cute in 9we have a really hard time staying clean). So, how to decorate ourselves for Easter? Ever thought of wearing a bunny in your hair?

There are some really adorable hair clips in the stores but do you know how easy it is to make them yourself?

I bought some plain double-prong hair clips at Shopko and now have been experimenting with attaching different things to them.

The bunny I free-handed on a double layer of brown felt, cut it out and then used embroidery floss and a running stitch to go around the edges. The eyes are two french knots.

Cut out a small circle of felt then sandwich one of the prongs between your felt circle and your bunny. Glue with fabric glue and wait for it to dry.

Now you have a bunny for your hair and will be the envy of every white, frilly dressed girl who is bunny-less.