Someone better tell our entire population that hard-boiled eggs aren't exclusive to Easter.

A new study was done by Zippia that details "boiled eggs" as Minnesota's favorite Easter treat. This study was conducted using search engine research from Google in different regions to find the most popular searched-for treat.

We looked at a 2 week block around Easter 2020 to find what folks are searching for the most in each state, prime egg boiling and Easter candy stocking time. How this year changes (if it does) won’t be apparent until after Easter- and who wants to wait that long?

So knowing that the results of this study came from last year, maybe it landed boiled eggs at the top in our state because everyone had to do a DIY Easter due to the start of the pandemic. We were all encouraged not to gather with family last year, so maybe we were all trying to figure out how to boil eggs since that is usually another family member's "thing" but we couldn't imagine the holiday without them.

I'm not saying hard boiled eggs are bad, I love them. Especially the dyed ones for Easter that are turned into deviled eggs. But are they a "treat"? I classify a treat as something that is sweet or a confection of some sort. Not something I can find at any given pot luck.

Other Midwest State's Top Easter Treats:

Wisconsin: Boiled Eggs
Iowa: Starburst Jelly Beans
North Dakota: Boiled Eggs
South Dakota: Cadbury Eggs
Illinois: White Chocolate Eggs
Michigan: SweetTart Jelly Beans
Nebraska: Boiled Eggs

See the full Zippia study here. 

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