easter bunny

Easter Bunny Hair Clip for Your Honey Bunny
Easter's on the way but the girl and I don't really like to dress in those white, frilly frocks that everyone else looks so cute in 9we have a really hard time staying clean). So, how to decorate ourselves for Easter? Ever thought of wearing a bunny in your hair?
Wolf Tries To Be Cool In Bunny Costume…BIG FAIL [VIDEO]
On Friday afternoon we had a room full of our Wolf and Ricky Easter egg hunt winners.  I got a bunny costume from Invincible Costume and Theatrical Company.  The plan was to hop down the hallway and into the room, but I had never worn a costume with a big head before.
6'1 + Big Head + …
The Easter Bunny Scares The Jellybeans Out of Kids [VIDEO]
Yeah, he brings chocolate but he's HUGE! and HAIRY!.....and frighteningly silent. Maybe you discovered this yesterday - lots of kids are scared of the Easter Bunny. Here's a round-up of the best videos on youtube.
My daughter, Elena, loved the Easter Bunny but only because she was able to o…