Ever feel prouder than you probably should for finally cleaning something? I know my pride should probably be toned down when I wash my bed sheets, but it turns out we need to stop slacking on cleaning these things.


A. Microwave

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...or just replace it. (Getty Images)

Turns out the whole "microwaving process" doesn't kill bacteria. Microwave-resistant bacteria? Should we just surrender as a species now?

These things should be wiped down once a week, and deep cleaned every other week. Sure. Or just put a glass of water in the microwave and nuke it for a few minutes. (editor's note: this is NOT adequate!)

2. The Bathtub

See-Through Bath

I can...clearly...see that you should wash that before bathing... (Getty Images)

Turns out washing yourself with soap doesn't kill the bacteria in your bathtub/shower either. Cleaning experts recommend scrubbing your tub once a week.

If you need motivation to do it, the bacteria than can give you staph infections were found in just 6% of garbage cans during a recent study. The bacteria showed up in over a quarter (26%) of tubs. Ew.

C. The Refrigerator

Super Bowl XXXIX - Media Day - Philadelphia Eagles

Okay, not THIS refrigerator... Getty Images

Clean it out once a month. Scrub those meat and veggie drawers extra well, as they often have 750 times what's considered a "safe" amount of bacteria.

4. Your Desk and Computer

Alfred Roll

Pass... (Getty Images)

Everybody here looks at me whenever this is mentioned. I have -- by far -- the filthiest, most disorganized desk in the building. I'm not in denial, I'm just lazy too busy to clean it. I get around to it once or twice a year.


Experts say that you need to clean your desk AND your computer once a week. LOL.

E. Your Pillows

"Hizamakura", Or Lap Pillow Introduced In Japan

Yes, even if it's a Lap Pillow...especially a Lap Pillow... (Getty Images)

This one's a little more realistic (but still ignored). Wash your pillows every three months. If you're lucky/smart, you'll get machine washable pillows. Replace those pillows every three years if you don't have miserable allergies; if you do, replace them every six months.

6. Your Mattress

Parisian Students Demonstrate Outside The Sorbonne

Wash it...or light it on fire and throw it at riot police. Whatever floats your boat. (Getty Images)

You're supposed to clean your mattress every two months. Really? Well, yeah. You do things in that bed other than sleep. Like eat. What did you think I meant?!

Simply dust it with baking soda, vacuum, and hose down with Lysol. Flip it every year.

Adulting isn't my favorite thing to do, but knock out the necessities when you can and you won't regret it! Maybe you won't regret not ever cleaning your mattress. Whatever. You do you!

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