Step outside and get some fresh air. It still exists! Life away from our technology!

With Spring finally *cautiously looks around, looks at weather forecast, then checks the sky* here, it's time to somethingsomething anew.

This is not just dusting off your TV, this is about Spring cleaning your tech life.

#1: Yes, the physical cleaning of your tech toys

Compressed air and microfiber cloths are the key to cleaning phones, tablets, and computers.

#2: Keep track of how often you check your phone

You'll probably find that it's a lot. A. LOT. There are apps that can track your phone usage if it's second nature to check your phone. You can also check yourself by setting limits on screen time.


#3: Digitally throw away junk

Backup your files, then go through all of your devices and delete old files and programs (even texts!) that you don't use anymore. More memory = faster device!

#4: Clean up (out) your social media

Not using an account anymore? Delete it. If you are still using it, unfollow or unfriend people you hate. Less stress is good!

#5: Digitally detoxify

We're in the habit of taking our phones with us everywhere. Try going an hour without it. Then make it two, and so on. It'll get easier!

Just follow these simple steps and YOU too could be human again!

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