There you are, binging another season of Archer. "Just a few episodes" you say. Next thing I knew, it was 1am and I had to wake up at 3am to do the show.

Yeah, that was me last night. I try to project it, but it reflected right back at me.

Well, I've gotta be at least relatively alert to run the board for the show. I can only guzzle so much coffee before I'm tired-yet-shaking. I found these tips on waking my butt up enough to get through work.

How To Get Through a Day After Barely Sleeping The Night Before

#1: Do NOT Hit the Snooze Button
That dang thing is such a temptress. Just a few more minutes will help, right? Nope. You could fall into a deeper stage of REM sleep and wake up 7 minutes later even groggier.

#2: DO Soak Yourself in Natural Light
Open them curtains after not hitting the snooze button. If you're a wake-up-at-an-insane-hour person like me, there are natural light simulator things that can douse you in fake sunlight.


#3 Do NOT Immediately Reach For The Coffee
This is difficult. I love coffee. Telling me to wait on properly caffeinating myself to human my way through a day is borderline torture. But caffeine blocks production of cortisol, a hormone that makes you feel awake. Let the cortisol kick in for a few hours, then caffeinate.

#4 Cold Showers DO Work Before Work
Again, it sounds like torture. Cold showers will wake you up. If you must, take your hot shower and finish it with a minute of cold water. This isn't a new ritual; this is waking you up to go adult in the real world. Maybe it'll teach you a lesson, too.

Doubtful. I never learn.

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