Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. Duh. What a drag. Some folks adapt faster than others. 'others'...

The vast internet wasteland known as Reddit features a fascinating section called AskReddit. The question asked: "What is something that MOST adults can do, but you, for whatever reason, cannot pull off?"


Hooo boy...

Not "hooo boy, I can't believe these idiots", more like "hooo boy, I can't believe how relatable these are!"

Highlights include:

- swallowing pills
- tying a balloon
- remembering directions without using a GPS
- walk down stairs without looking down and holding the handrail
- dancing (this is subjective; my sweet moves are someone else's drunken stumbles)
- being able to tell if someone is interested in you
- explaining the "bunny ears" method of tying shoes
- whistle with two fingers (I always find myself right next to these/you folks at concerts)
- simple lip whistling
- shuffling a deck of cards

I suggest checking out the thread, if all else to feel better about yourself. I feel like a champ for being able to shuffle a deck of cards!

What's the hardest part of 'Adulting' for you? Answer below!

H/T: Reddit

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