Millennials get a bad rap. They also get bad rock. Probably bad pop, too.

The New York Post came out with ten things Millennials consider essential to "adulting." So what else could I do besides call it Commandments to maybe scare them a bit.

Ten Commandments of Being a Millennial Adult

#1 Thou Shalt Work Steadily

McDowgale's Hoe

Sometimes thou art the farmer, other times thou art the mule (Getty Images)

#2 Thou Shalt Not Suckle Off Thine Parents' Financial Teet

Timon Of Athens

"For the love of Zeus, buy your own damn sandals!" (Getty Images)

#3 Thou Shalt Payeth Thine Own Debts

New Roller Coaster Ride Deja Vu At Six Flags Magic Mountain

Is it just me, or are things kinda repeating? (Getty Images)

#4 Thou Shalt Pay For Thine Own Shelter

Godolphin Arabian

Don't kick me, bro. I ain't dead, yet! (Getty Images)


#5 Thou Shalt Pay For Thine Own Mode of Transportation

First Accident

Our deductible is gonna skyrocket higher than Frank! (Getty Images)

#6 Thou Shalt Budget Thine Finances

I feel like the last few could've been combined into one, but then we wouldn't have ten...

Japanese Celebrate Coming-of-Age Day

OMG! Let's turn our budgets into Papier-mâché art! LOL! (Getty Images)

#7 Thou Shalt Fileth Thine Own Taxes

Poll Tax Marchers

Get used to feeling like this every April... (Getty Images)

#8 Thou Shalt Provide Thine Own Sustenance

Our Daily Bread

Every day is carb-loading day! (Getty Images)

#9 Thou Shalt Not Inhabit Thine Parents' Household

Godolphin Arabian

Okay I'm dead now. Kick this dead horse. (Getty Images)

#10 Thou Shalt Not Be Tardy To Thine Employer

Bent Larsen

Right after this move... (Getty Images)

Aside from basically repeating several things (seriously, all of these could be combined into "thou shalt properly manage thine finances), they left a few key life stuffs out:

- bathe regularly
- do your own laundry
- keep up with the news
- don't say on social media what you wouldn't to someone's face

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