Life today looks a lot different than it did a few months ago. Having a routine of going to work, your commute, picking up the kids and after school activities kept a lot of us ON track; and made our food choices and thinking about food not as front and center as it has become today.

When you're hungry, and all you can think about is the next thing you're going to cram into your mouth, try being smart about it. I found a list of foods that may help satisfy your hunger, and keep you healthy along the way. See if you agree:


It's's delicious...and it's not that expensive. You can take it with you almost anywhere you go; and the calorie count is low.

Woman shopping for apples at a grocery store
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Apples and pears contain pectin which slows digestion...who knew? Oranges are supposed to twice as filling as bananas and are 86% water which also is supposed to help keep us full. Apples...You've heard the story before. Eat an apple before a meal because it's fiber and natural sugars keep us feeling fuller longer. Nice.


Good thing I love eggs. I can fry'em, boil'em, bake'm....and they are one of the few protiens that contain all of the 9 amino acids that trigger the hormones to let you know you're full.

PHOTO: Kelly Cordes
PHOTO: Kelly Cordes


It's best to go with broth based soups, with proteins and those creamy soups can get you into some calorie counting you might not want.


Greek yogurt especially combines well with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and has protein as well.

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Avocados are healthy fats and aid in the absorption of fat soluble nutrients, helping your body make the most out of what you feed it.

I found the article on these interesting foods HERE.


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