The term 'gluten-free' seems to be more common than ever as an alternative to eating foods that contain wheat. Who serves a gluten-free option on the menu around here?

Gluten is best known as the glue that holds a lot of foods together, as in the protein found in wheat, and a lot of people have an intolerance to it. Because this is becoming more common, once in a while I'll see a "gluten-free" on the menu at some restaurants.

Having to stick to a gluten-free diet is certainly tough. More people are being diagnosed with celiac disease and will become terribly ill if they ingest any amount of gluten. Even if you don't have celiac disease, gluten can be hell on your stomach and digestion system, so many more people are choosing to lay off foods that contain it.

Living in a household that has a gluten-free member makes it very difficult to go out to eat. If there's no gluten-free options then we don't eat at most places. So I'd like to hear from you on where you've found menus that have gluten-free options in the central Minnesota area! I'm sure there's thousands of people in this area that would love to have a list of dine-in and take-out options for them. I'll be sure to update the list below as they come in.

Here's some of the gluten-free friendly restaurants we've received so far:

  • The Boulder Taphouse
  • Rosallini's in Aitkin has Gluten Free Pizza.
  • John Dough's in Sartell
  • Urban Moose - Gluten Free Pizzas
  • House of Pizza has a great gluten free pizza.

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