According to a new study out of Tel Aviv University in Israel, eating cake for breakfast can actually be a good thing. Finally someone 'studies' something worth while! After reading the full article it actually makes a lot of sense, looks like I'll be going home to bake a cake this afternoon.

So in this study obese participants ate a breakfast that was high in carbs, and protein, and were also given a dessert. The study determined those participants were better able to stick to their diet throughout the day and keep excess weight off for longer than participants who ate a low calorie, low carb breakfast without sweets.

This totally makes sense - if you eat a breakfast that is higher in calories and carbs, at least you have all day to burn that off, unlike if you eat that big piece of chocolate cake after dinner and go to bed four hours later. This is brilliant!

I think I better put this study to the test...starting tomorrow morning it's cake and donuts for breakfast, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.