People love to rank things. What state is the best for X, where is the best place to live, etc? That can be pretty subjective, just like with where people like to live, if you are ranking food, you are going to have people that prefer certain parts of that meal or dish versus the whole meal and vice versa. One website recently ranked where someone can get the best 'hot dog' in each state. Minnesota's best hot dog comes as a corn dog from Minnesota's most famous concert venue, First Avenue.

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Well not quite First Avenue, it's the Depot Tavern and it's right there with the music venue and the 7th St. Entry. The Depot Tavern's history is interwoven with First Avenue, it even states that on its website.

Minneapolis music lovers know First Avenue and 7th Street Entry as their city’s premier venues. Right next door to that self-described “Downtown Danceteria,” is another local institution: The Depot Tavern. The bar and restaurant offers a First Avenue and 7th St Entry history course on its walls, which are adorned with photos and memorabilia from past shows.

What's the best hot dog in Minnesota?

According to, it's the Depot Tavern's Diamond Dog, a corndog-hot dog hybrid.

Paul Shea/TSM
Paul Shea/TSM

OK so it's not JUST a corndog, it's a bacon-wrapped all-beef hot dog deep-fried and then served on a pretzel bun, so it's a modified bacon corndog/hot dog.

I'm not sold that Minnesota's best hot dog can be found attached to a concert venue. With all of the meat markets around Central Minnesota, there has to be a definitive, excuse the pun, top dog.

Where have you found the best hot dogs in Minnesota? Let us know in the comments!

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