The USDA is recalling nearly 1 million pounds of ready-to-eat chicken because of metal pieces found in the product. Many schools and stores are affected.

Yesterday, March 23rd, 2017, the USDA released a major recall of the OK Food, Inc. company's ready-to-eat breaded chicken product because of metal contamination. Investigation into the cause showed that metal parts of the conveyor belt found it's way into the product.

The product is shipped to many stores and institutions (schools) around the country. According to, Walmart is one of the stores that carries this product.

The problem was discovered just 3 days ago, with 5 complaints about metal in the chicken. No injuries were reported, but the USDA is urging anybody that has this product to discard it or return it to where they bought it from.

Here's the affected labels that are on the ready-to-eat chicken from OK Food, Inc.:

Recall label 3-24-17
Recall label from USDA

You can also confirm the recalled product by looking for “P-7092” inside the USDA mark of inspection.

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